Saratoga Chips Announces the 2016 National Release of Limited Edition “Old Glories”, Red, White & Blue Kettle Chips

Starting in Early June, Saratoga Chips “Old Glories” Kettle Chips will be sold for a limited time nationwide.

Saratoga Chips, America’s First Kettle Chip ™, has announced the 2016 release of their limited edition, “Old Glories” Kettle Chips that will be hitting grocery stores for the upcoming Memorial Day and July 4th holiday and picnic season.

The Old Glories red, white and blue kettle chip program was started in 2015 by Saratoga Chips and grabbed the attention of consumers across the Northeast. Grocery retailers, such as Walmart, Price Chopper, Hannaford, ShopRite, The Fresh Market, Weis Markets, and Tops Markets all participated last year to bring the innovative product to local stores. This year the program has been expanded to more retailers and more markets nationwide. In addition to the retailers above, this year you’ll find Old Glories in Bed, Bath & Beyond, Harris Teeter, Ingles Markets, Stop & Shop, Schnuck’s, The Farm Stores and in Sam’s Club – Southwest Division.

“This is an exciting time for the Saratoga Chips brand, and we are thrilled with the success this program had last year,” said Jim Schneider, President and Managing Partner of Saratoga Chips. “This year, Old Glories have really hit home with retailers and the increase in national shipments is an outstanding success for the brand,” he added.

“After last year’s success, our sales team focused in on a great 2016 campaign for Old Glories, and we succeeded in getting retailers to understand the value in our unique products for their customers,” said Joe Gordon, Vice President of Sales for Saratoga Chips. “The addition of new retailers and expansion of our product into new markets illustrates the growth and interest our brand is now receiving in the marketplace,” he added.

One key element that makes this product special and stand out in the crowd of kettle cooked potato chips is the use of Adirondack “All Red” and Adirondack “All Blue” potatoes. The early commitment to the program and its success last year enabled Saratoga Chips to secure a special lot of potatoes to be grown specifically for the program to make this year’s Old Glories even more delicious. And as always, these special red, white and blue potato chips do not include any dyes or artificial ingredients, which align with Saratoga Chips commitment to being “Simply Made, Simply Natural, Simply Delicious™”.

These unique red, white and blue kettle chips are in celebration of the American tradition, and give homage to the American roots of potato chip, invented in 1853 in Saratoga Springs, New York. The inventor, George Crum, was a chef at Moon’s Lake House restaurant in Saratoga Springs when he incidentally invented the chip.

It all began when a patron who ordered a plate of French – fried potatoes sent them back to the kitchen because he felt they were too thick and soft. In response, Crum sliced a new batch of potatoes as thin as he possibly could, and then fried them until they were hard and unable to be picked up with a fork. To Crum’s surprise, the dish ended up being a hit with the patron and the kettle chip was born.

Old Glories are a continuation of Saratoga Chips line of all-natural, certified non-GMO, zero trans fats, nut free, lactose free, kosher certified, zero cholesterol, gluten free, and food dye/coloring free kettle chips. The kettle chips will also be produced using Himalayan Salt, the purest salt on earth, bringing the chips additional minerals and a good source of anti-oxidants and vitamin C.

Old Glories will be appearing in retail locations starting in early June for Bed, Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Sam’s Club (Southwest Division) Harris Teeter, Ingles Markets, Stop & Shop, The Fresh Market, Schnuck’s, The Farm Stores, Price Chopper, Hannaford, ShopRite, Weis Markets, and Tops Markets.

About Saratoga Chips:
Saratoga Chips are Simply Made, Simply Natural, Simply Delicious ™. The All-Natural chip, available in 11 flavors, is Certified Non-GMO, Zero Trans Fats, Nut Free, Lactose Free, Kosher Certified, Zero Cholesterol, and Gluten Free. The delicious snack was created in Saratoga Springs, New York in 1853 and reintroduced to grocery retailers in 2009. Customers can find Saratoga Chips at select retailers such as Walmart, Hannaford, Price Chopper, ShopRite, Weis Markets, Fresh Market, Tops Markets, Sam’s Club, Stop & Shop, Ingles Markets, Harris Teeter, and Bed Bath & Beyond.