America's First and Finest Kettle Chip

Crispy ‘Saratoga Chips’ Potato Chips Invented In Saratoga

SaratogainLogoPotato Chips — The carbs you love to hate, the snack of choice for many, the bane of dieters… Next time you are staring in to a bag of chips, crunching down that salty goodness… don’t blame yourself. Blame George ‘Speck’ Crum of Saratoga Springs for inventing Saratoga Chips.

As local legend goes, in 1853, when gentlemen wore tight collars and too many layers of clothing, one wealthy patron – perhaps a little disgruntled from the summer weather – entered Moon’s Lake House, a restaurant on the shores of Saratoga Lake in Saratoga Springs. George ‘Speck’ Crum worked at Moon’s as a cook, where his sister Catherine Speck Wicks also worked.

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