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4th annual ‘Go Back Tru’ at Tru Cutz

We were honored to be a proud participant in this rewarding event!!! Barbers made students ready for school in style, free of charge, during their 4th annual Go Back Tru event at Tru Cutz in Saratoga Springs on Monday, September 2, 2019.  Students also received Saratoga Water […]Read more

Saratoga Chips In The News

As seen on Elko Daily Free Press Website…   Professor Hanington’s Speaking of Science: Kettle cooked “Soon everyone who visited Saratoga Springs was walking around crunching the crisp circlets right out of the box as though they were candy or peanuts. George Crum, the angry chef, eventually […]Read more

165th Birthday of the Potato Chip!!!

August 24th is the 165th birthday of the potato chip. Our Original Saratoga Chips where America’s First Kettle Chips and in celebration we want to share some of our favorite potato chip facts: Laura Scudder created the first modern bag of potato chips in 1953. Previously, they […]Read more

What would the classic American summer cookout be without potato chips???

At our latest holiday employee gathering we enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs with all the condiments and trimmings and, of course, a complete selection of Original Saratoga Chips. The Old Glories really do stand with all that great patriotic color.Read more

#AccidentalFood: Potato chips were invented mistakenly by chef George Crum

If you cannot eat just one potato chip, blame it on chef George Crum. This beloved food was invented mistakenly by him. According to Enchanted Learning, the potato chip was invented in 1853 by African American chef, George Crum. The site reports that Crum was serving fried […]Read more

Celebrate American Spirit with Old Glories Kettle Chips

Show your American Spirit with our Old Glories Kettle Chips made of Red, White and Blue potatoes. A key element that makes this product special and stand out in the crowd of kettle cooked potato chips is the use of Adirondack “All Red” and Adirondack “All Blue” […]Read more

Find Saratoga Chips at Taste of Cincinnati this Weekend!

Come enjoy some Saratoga Chips at Taste of Cincinnati this weekend. You can find our chips at Revolution Rotisserie (Booth #130). Our chips pair great with the Lightning Fried Chicken Sliders!   We look forward to seeing you there!  Read more

Saratoga Chips Celebrates “Saratoga Chip Day” on August 24th

August 24th, 2015 SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK Saratoga Chips Celebrates “Saratoga Chip Day” on August 24th Saratoga Chips, America’s First Kettle Chip ™, will be celebrating their second anniversary of the State of New York and City of Saratoga Springs proclamations citing August 24th as Saratoga Chip […]Read more

Saratoga Chips Donates to International Medical Corps in Response to Nepal Earthquake Tragedy

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y., Apr. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — America’s first kettle chip ™, Saratoga Chips, has announced a $2,500 donation to the International Medical Corps in response to the urgent need in Nepal after an earthquake with an estimated magnitude of 7.8 struck on April 25th. Saratoga Chips is a supporter of the marketplace […]Read more

Saratoga Chips Achives triple digit INCREASE IN SALES AND MARKET SHARE SINCE 2013 PURCHASE

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: August 12, 2014 Saratoga Chips Achieves triple digit INCREASE IN SALES AND MARKET SHARE SINCE 2013 PURCHASE Market Expansion and New Products Lead to Projections of $9-10 M in 2015 Revenue  Saratoga Springs, NY – Saratoga Chips, America’s first kettle chip, has achieved significant growth […]Read more

Saratoga Chips is the first and only KETTLE POTATO chip with Mountain pure Himalayan Salt; Announcing A new, Premium ingredient in All chip Flavors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 1, 2014 Saratoga Chips is the first and only KETTLE POTATO chip with Mountain pure Himalayan Salt; Announcing A new, Premium ingredient in All chip Flavors The great taste of Saratoga Chips with the added benefit of 84 minerals contained in Mountain Pure Himalayan Pink Salt  […]Read more

“First Potato Chip” Back in Stores – Food Channel

Complete article here: By Cari Martens This undoubtedly falls in the category of retro products making a comeback. The brand of chips credited as the first potato chip ever invented, Moon Brand Original Saratoga Chips, is back on store shelves. Back in 1853, George Crum took […]Read more

Who Invented The Potato Chip?

Taken from According to the Snack Food Association, the potato chip was born a generation after the French fry, on August 24, 1853 in another elegant dining room: this one, at the fashionable Moon Lake Lodge in Saratoga, New York. A testy older diner, Commodore Cornelius […]Read more

160 years young, a bright future for iconic Saratoga Chip

SARATOGA SPRINGS — A Spa City legacy with a long tradition celebrates a major milestone this year — and it predates horse racing. “This year the track celebrates 150 years, but the Saratoga Chip celebrates 160 years,” said Danny Jameson, vice president of Saratoga Specialties, which makes […]Read more

Crispy ‘Saratoga Chips’ Potato Chips Invented In Saratoga

Potato Chips — The carbs you love to hate, the snack of choice for many, the bane of dieters… Next time you are staring in to a bag of chips, crunching down that salty goodness… don’t blame yourself. Blame George ‘Speck’ Crum of Saratoga Springs for inventing Saratoga Chips. […]Read more

The Nibble – Best of 2009

Gourmet Stocking Stuffer Ideas:Savory 2009’s Picks For Small Treats With Big Taste Delicious things come in small packages…and at small prices, too. Here, we present a selection of savory gourmet gifts, all with single-digit price tags (in addition to double-digit price tags for sampler packs and holiday gifts sets). […]Read more

Saratoga snack makers plan their own chip plant – The Business Review

Read the complete article here: When the chips were down for Danny Jameson, an out-of-work military IT specialist, and Paul Tator, an underemployed contractor, the two friends cooked up a company rooted in a 156-year-old legend and three simple ingredients. What they created is a gourmet snack […]Read more

Moon Brand Original Saratoga Chips on the Emmy Award winning Rachael Ray Show.

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