“Soon everyone who visited Saratoga Springs was walking around crunching the crisp circlets right out of the box as though they were candy or peanuts. George Crum, the angry chef, eventually became famous, first at Moon’s and then at his own place, Crum’s Malta Restaurant he opened down the road.

For the next 50 years, Saratoga Chips remained associated with that city, much like the local inspired inventions of Philly cheese steak, Chicago pizza, and sourdough of San Francisco. In 1910, the Dayton, Ohio based Mikesells company found it more profitable to produce “Saratoga Chips” than the dried beef and sausage they originally started out with. Today they are still in business and bill themselves as the “oldest continuous operating potato chip company in the United States.” There is some rivalry however between them and the New England-based Tri-Sum Potato Chip Company which claims to be the first potato chip manufacturing enterprise in America, being founded two years prior to Mikesells…”